Some ways to Use LIBdelivery

  • Contact us if you need to send a gift/package to your friends or relatives.
  • Do you want food from your favorite restaurant? Order Food Online or call us to place your order!
  • Want Groceries and other local products? Visit our Online Store to shop from a variety of products.
  • Do you want to send a document from one office to another? Call us!
  • Do you need something from the pharmacy? We can purchase and deliver!

Call 0777100144 / 0881733737

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Request A Delivery Service - We Deliver Food Documents Groceries Packages Medicine Gifts

Request A Delivery Service - We Deliver Food Documents Groceries Packages Medicine Gifts

About Us

LIBdelivery delivers packages, mail, food, groceries and other items for individuals and companies. We also provide delivery service for restaurants in and around Monrovia. Our Goal is to provide a reliable, affordable and fast delivery service that’ll make your life more convenient. We have well-trained delivery agents who are prepared to serve our customers to their maximum satisfaction. Our delivery fee is as low as $2 USD to make sure you can afford it. Contact us today for a reliable delivery service!

Are you a business owner?

Outsource your delivery service to us for affordable prices and focus on what you do best!

Frequently Asked questions (FAQ)

What’s are your Delivery Fees as it relates to distance?

  • For locations within ELWA Junction and Central Monrovia (Broad St., Randal St., etc.): $2 USD
  • For distances outside of ELWA Junction and Central Monrovia: To be determined (expect about 1 to 2 dollars increment).
  • For businesses that outsource their delivery service to us: less than $2 for Locations within ELWA and Central Monrovia.

*Note: Prices are cheaper for businesses.

What are the prices for the kinds of delivery service?

Delivery Service Methods:

  • From Location to me: Only distance fee ($2 USD)
  • From Me to Destination: 1 USD + Distance fee ($2 USD)
  • Purchase and Delivery: 1 USD + Distance fee ($2 USD)
  • Online Shop Delivery: 1 USD + Distance fee ($2 USD)

* See How it works Section for Delivery Service explanation

What are your delivery fees for business owners?

We provide cheaper rates for businesses like restaurants, supermarkets, etc. Every business is different so contact us for final pricing.

What items do you deliver?

We deliver:

What are your business hours?

Monday – Sunday: 8:30 AM to 11 PM